Journey to Less – The Things That Happen When You Become a Minimalist

woman at window

The journey to less may initially be a daunting idea especially if you own a lot of stuff. You might wonder how it can be comfortable when you have to give up so many things. One thing those who have chosen this lifestyle will likely tell you is that it would not be easy in the beginning. It requires a lot of adjustment. And letting go of stuff and resisting the urge to acquire more than the barest essentials may be among the hardest things to do. On the flipside, living with a few possessions leaves you more room for things that matter.

Less time spent cleaning and organizing

It gets tough to maintain a clutter-free home and life. There are days when you may be too busy to squeeze some time to clean and organize your stuff. Decluttering becomes an overwhelming and burdensome task when you have to deal with so many possessions. All the cleaning and organizing you need to do can eat up a huge chunk of your time. A great thing about becoming a minimalist is that you begin to reduce your possessions into more manageable numbers. You can cut back on the time you normally spent with housework. This should give you more time for rest or leisure activities you rarely get to do when you are busy cleaning house.

Start saving more

You can save more of the money you usually spend shopping for clothes, footwear, and other luxuries. This does not mean that you live like a pauper and deprive yourself of simple pleasures. Rather, you become more selective with your choices. You avoid buying things that you really do not need and would just become clutter once they have outlived their usefulness. You may even earn money from the stuff you are finally letting go. You can sell them for cheap in garage sales or to your friends.

Travel more

You can travel more given the additional savings and less worries about leaving your belongings at home while you are on vacation. Living with less also makes it easier to pack up and go when you need to move house or if you want to go on an extended trip to see more of the world. It is like taking on a more nomadic lifestyle where you can freely leave anytime you want without making a lot of arrangements for your stuff.