7 Things Even Minimalists Can’t Live Without


Even minimalists need these seven things in their homes. These things are the essential ones that can’t be ignored by any person. After all, even minimalists encounter emergencies.


Everyone needs heat to survive. Keep yourself warm especially if you’re not living in a tropical area. A big coat, a warm blanket, and a sleeping bag might do the trick.

Food and Water


This is an obvious need, isn’t? Minimalists are people too, and to survive, they need food and water–the right amount of food and water. If you’re a minimalist, then only purchase food and water that are necessary for your body. Avoid buying junk foods that will only give you sicknesses instead of nutrients. Besides, you need to use only a limited space for food, especially if you have a small home.


Another obvious thing, yes, but there is a limit. Minimalists should not have too many clothes (except underwear). Perhaps 3-5 pairs of pants and a maximum of 10 shirts/blouses would be enough. However, every person must own a raincoat. It’s a necessity especially if you’re living in a place where rain can be harsh. One jacket and one hoody might be needed too, and a few comfortable clothes you can wear when you’re staying at home. Just remember, if you have few clothes, you’ll have to wash them often.


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Yes, I’m talking about hammers, drills, screwdrivers, and other essential tools you can’t live without. These tools will make building and repairing easier for you. However, if you have limited space in your house, you can opt not to purchase heavy saws. In case you need one, you can borrow or rent from a friend or relative instead. That way, you can save a lot of space.

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Always have a flashlight. You’re not a fortune teller, so you’ll never know when the power will go out. It’s better to be ready in case of emergencies. Besides, a flashlight won’t consume a lot of space, so it’s okay to have a medium-sized or big one.



Just because you’re a minimalist doesn’t mean you won’t be needing a lot of money. You do! You need it to buy groceries because you can’t live without food and water. It will also be wiser if you have an investment. Owning a car may not be an ideal choice for you and if that is the case, renting one or using public transport would be recommended.


You might think minimalists don’t need a lot of storage space for their stuff. But no matter how little you have, you’ll still need a place to store your things in an organized way. The key is to own a few things only so that you won’t need massive storage. If you’re a traveler, always prefer handy versions of stuff.